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Onuoha: Nothing has changed

Onuoha: Serbia problem won't be solved

The Queens Park Rangers defender was the subject of abuse from Serbian supporters five-and-a-half years ago, and he was horrified by the scenes earlier this week which marred the England Under-21s qualifier in Krusevac on Tuesday.

But Onuoha has little confidence that UEFA are anyone can help the Serbian situation.

"We aren't dealing with normal people here. If we were, then they wouldn't be dishing out the comments in the first place," he told The Sun.

"You can only truly punish someone if they accept they have done wrong. I'm sure a lot of these people who gave out abuse would genuinely believe they've done nothing wrong. We know they have. But these people still live in a time warp.

"They think there is nothing wrong with their views. They believe what they are spouting is right. So do their mates and colleagues, and people sitting around them. No fine or ban is ever going to change that."

Onuoha has called on the FA to fight Dann y Rose's corner over the red card he got for kicking the ball into the crowd after the match had finished, following a torrent of abuse.

"That was ridiculous. I feel so sorry for Danny. I know the FA have a lot on their plate dealing with what happened in Serbia. But they must get Danny's red card rescinded, else it'll all be in vain," he said.

He admitted the scenes on Tuesday were reminiscent of what he went through in 2007, adding: "I remember going to the touchline and hearing a few chants, a few things said. It was only from a minority of the Serbia fans. So I turned around.

"Normally when you do that, the fans shut up. But this time they didn't. Instead it went from the minority of Serbia fans, to the majority.

"They all began chanting at me. It was quite a shock."

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