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Harry has 'no problems' with AVB

Harry Redknapp: Doesn't socialise with AVB

Villas-Boas succeeded Redknapp at White Hart Lane after the 65-year-old had been unexpectedly sacked last June and has since guided Spurs to third in the table.

Redknapp insists the suggestion of animosity between the pair is inaccurate and that he will share a drink with his Portuguese rival after Saturday's London derby.

"I don't have a relationship with Villas-Boas but then I don't have a relationship with any other manager in the Premier League," he said.

"I don't socialise with him, he's gone to Tottenham and done a great job. What's the problem? I've got no problem with him at all.

"Good luck to him, he's doing a fantastic job there. Long may it continue for him.

"I'll shake his hand after the game and invite him in for a drink, whatever the result. I don't have any problems with him. He seems a nice guy."

Former Chelsea manager Villas-Boas, who lasted only eight months at Stamford Bridge, responded to Redknapp's sugge stion that only a "dope" could fail at the European champions by stating: "Only if you manage the club can you find out. It's a different type of club."

Redknapp today stressed that his comments were being used in the wrong context after making a general observation before QPR's 1-0 victory over Chelsea two weeks ago.

"I was asked a question about (Chelsea manager) Rafa Benitez and I said he's gone in there and done very well, but you'd have to be a dope to mess up with that squad of players," he said.

"I said Rafa Benitez is not a dope, he's a top manager who will do very well there.

"I never mentioned anyone else, so why people have started relating it to the manager at Tottenham I don't know.

"He hasn't taken my job, he's got a job. When he took over I didn't have the job, I was out of work.

"Good luck to him, someone had to manage Tottenham - he's doing excellently, good luck to him.

"I don't spend my life worrying about w hat he or Tottenham are doing. My life doesn't work like that."

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