Rabu, 12 September 2012

Granero confident of success

Granero: Moved to England from Spain

Granero joined Rangers on a four-year deal from Real Madrid at the end of the summer transfer window and made his debut in the 3-1 defeat by Manchester City.

Granero is well aware of the quality in the Premier League, but also believes he can flourish in the hard-hitting environment.

"I am an aggressive player and I will mix very good with this type of football," he said in the Daily Express. "I am very aggressive but in a good way.

"The Premier League has always impressed me and I like this kind of football a lot; the strength, the way they play, I really like.

"How I have been received at QPR has been great. London is a very multi-cultural city and the people are very respectful.

"The first 20 minutes against City was not the best. We showed them too much respect. After that we matched them and played better.

"I'm very fit and feel good. I like the rhythm of the Premier League and I like to play this way."

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