Sabtu, 15 September 2012

QPR v Chelsea reaction

Ferdinand: Blanks Terry

Ferdinand refused to acknowledge Terry and Ashley Cole as expected during the pre-match handshake at Loftus Road.

It was not known how many of his Rangers team-mates would follow suit but it was still a surprise to see skipper Park do the same, something the midfielder repeated during the coin toss.

Park spent seven years playing alongside Ferdinand's brother, Rio, at Manchester United and it is possible his decision was taken out of some sort of loyalty to his former team-mate.

Hughes said: "They had the discussion and I was made aware that some were prepared to shake the opposition's hand and some weren't.

"I didn't know which individuals and I wasn't going to push the point.

"It was a personal decision for each and every one of them."

Hughes was hoping talk of pre-match handshakes would draw to a close following today's game.

Reiterating his opposition to the ritual, he said: "For goodness sake, we've been talking ab out it for God knows how long. I think it's done and dusted now.

"It's something and nothing in my view. I thought the game was what was important today and, thankfully, it was played in good spirit."

He added: "You can't get too misty eyed about the old days and how it used to be - a lot of things have moved on for the better.

"But I just think this element of the Respect campaign is something that causes more problems than it solves and I don't think that was its intention when it was introduced."

Opposite number Roberto Di Matteo shrugged off the double snub.

"Listen, we offered and we have done our part and if other people feel differently, that's not our problem," he said, refusing to give a clear answer when asked if he thought pre-match handshakes should be scrapped.

"I think we should shift the focus onto the football side.

"We are here for the 90-95 minutes and not what happens before and after the game."

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