Selasa, 18 September 2012

Nelsen understands Anton snub

Ferdinand: QPR defender refused to shake Terry's hand

The build-up to Saturday's West London derby was dominated by the pre-match handshake and, as expected, Ferdinand rejected Terry and Cole during the ritual.

It was their first encounter since Chelsea captain Terry was cleared in court of racially abusing Ferdinand in the corresponding fixture last season, with Cole appearing as a witness for his team-mate.

Nelsen feels sympathy for Ferdinand and also revealed his fellow defender did not ask his team-mates to snub Terry or Cole.

"Anton didn't deserve this, all the stuff that's gone on. He and his family have had to go through so much. I feel really bad for him," Nelsen said.

"If Anton had told us not to do it (the handshake)....but that's the measure of the man.

"He just said: 'This is my personal thing. Whatever you guys do, do it'.

"In the end the Premier League forced everyone to do it, but I don't think anybody in Anton's situation would have done it."

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